Welcome to our Web-Site !  A site for those Veterans who served at Herzo Base, Herzogenaurach, Germany, in ASA

We hope you find something of interest here.    Our common bond is our service in the Army Security Agency those many years ago at Herzo Base  No Dues and no  obligations.   This Site and it's parent (The Herzo Survivor Newsletter) came about after the start of a search for Veterans from the mid-fifties at Herzo Base.  About six months after the first issue of the newsletter, several of our group created the Herzo Base Reunion Committee.  Initial members were Bob Boehlert, Joe Connelly, Don Danner, Carl Denecia, Ed Geisler, Chris Homeier, Wayne Morrison and Jim Paulino..  The first Annual Reunion was held in 1998 and we have had one every year since then.  In a little more than one year after Carl Denecia & Charles Martin began looking for old friends from the Herzo days, this group numbered over 100.  Since that time, located Herzo Base Vets from the  Fifties / Sixties / Early Seventies number over 1700. Countless old friendships have been renewed & thanks to the reunions, many new friendships have been formed. 

We do provide photographs from those years and we do promote our Annual National Reunion.  Normally held in various cities in mid September.  We have had eleven reunions to date and the 12th is currently in the planning stage. 

Also within our Group, we have the C-Trick reunion.  The C-trick reunion is held each spring at various locations.  This provides 2 opportunities for Herzo Base ASA Veterans to gather, meet with old friends and make new ones.

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