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A few words about our Reunions

Reunions are a part of the lives of most of us.  School, family and Military being the most common.  For this group of  ours, our  most important goal, during the three days of our annual reunions is  the gathering together of old friends and the making of new ones.  Hotels, Banquets and Parties take a back seat to the pleasure of seeing and spending time with friends - old & new.  And while each of our  National Reunions have been successful in the area of good hotels, meals, attractions, etc., their main appeal is the gathering of friends for a few  days, with all of the reminiscing and the making of new memories.
With that in mind, we thank you for making  Reunion 2009 (Herzo Survivor Group) a memorable event for everyone  by your attending.

About Our Reunions !

The Herzo Base Veterans Group supports an annual Reunions.  Open to any Herzo Base Veteran & their spouse or companion.

1.  The National Herzo Survivor Reunion.  Planned and hosted by the Herzo Base Reunion Committee, this Reunion is held in September since its' beginning in 1998.
This Reunion is held in a different City each year and is the Original reunion
for this group.  The largest of the 2 Reunions, it offers the variety of a different location each year, accommodations at first rate Hotels, a Welcoming Reception,  Tours, Evening Banquet, Farewell Brunch and Memory Room.  Each year (early Spring) a brochure and reservation form, accompanied by a data sheet, outlining activities, costs, necessary phone numbers and addresses; is sent out by E-mail or USPS mail, to every Herzo Base Veteran listed in the Directory.

To Read and/or Download the Reunion 2010 Information sheet and Reservation Form
Click Here

For Additional Information & Reservation Form for the National Reunion, Contact:
Al Navarro at

As in all of the previous reunions, the pleasure of seeing old friends and the making of new friends is the Real Highlight of the event.  After all the years that have passed since our days at Herzo Base, those friendships not only prevail, they thrive.

"Check back here periodically to see posted information on Reunions, as it becomes available."