These Veterans have left our World, having served their Country, Families and Loved Ones.
They shall never leave the memory of their loved ones -- nor of their fellow Veterans.
Men such as these have left their footprints on our world, in service and in family.
We honor them as they have honored us, by the way they lived their lives.
Our Thanks to  Robert Boehlert, Chris Homeier and Darrell Parrish for their work in gathering and compiling this information.  They nor We make no claims as to the accuracy of this information.  Should any errors be noted, please contact Site Manager.
This information was compiled from Social Security Death Index, Veterans Agency, Obituaries, E-mail and Telephone Contact with families and/or with close friends from Herzo Years.
Site Manager, Carl J. Denecia
In Memory Of
Our Departed Brothers
Herzo Base - Herzogenaurach, Germany
Herzo Base Veterans - The Herzo Survivor Group

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