Frequently Asked Questions
1.  How much does it cost to join?
Answer:  It costs nothing to join.

2.   What information must I give?
Answer:  Name - DOB - Time of Service at Herzo Base - E-mail address (If applicable  - Mailing Address

3.    What additional information do you ask for?
Answer:  Spouses Name - Telephone

4.   Can I decide what information will be printed in the Directory?
Answer:  Yes.  You must allow us to print your name and Date of Service at Herzo Base.
   However, the more information listed in the Directory, the more likely it is that you will
    be contacted by people you knew at Herzo Base.

5.   What is the Directory?
Answer:  It is an alphabetical listing of Herzo Base ASA Veterans who have been located and have opted
                          to join the Group.  It comes in 3 forms.  Printed Version - PDF version on Disk - PDF version
                          sent via E-mail.

6.    Do I get a Directory?
  Answer:  Yes.  Each NEW member receives a Directory.  "Details on which version you will get will be                                     given to you when contacted by our Search Team or by our Directory Manager.

7.   What if I want a new or current directory later on?
  Answer:  Additional Directories may be obtained by Contacting our Directory Manager.
                           Printed or CD versions at a cost covering production, packaging and shipping.
                           The PDF version sent via e-mail carries no cost.

8.    What else do I get as a member?
  Answer:  You receive notification of Reunion location, date, cost; plus a Registration Form and a detailed
                            discription of the Agenda. 
                            If you have e-mail, you also receive notifications of death or serious illness of members and
                            other news deemed of interest to members.

9.    Do I get the Herzo Survivor Newsletter?
          Answer:  The Newsletter is available to all members.  However, it is by  Subscription Only, at a Current
                            cost of $ 12.00 per year for ten issues per year.  This covers the cost of the newsletter, this
                            Website and the free subscriptions provided to the Widows of Herzo Base Veterans and of
                            indigent Veterans.

10.  Can I change my information later on?
   Answer:  Yes.  There is a change of information form in the Directory.  Tear it out or print it and send it
                             to the address printed on the form.  The changes will appear in the following version (issued
                             annually) of the Directory.