Bob Boehlert
The Herzo Survivor Reunion Group
Army Security Agency
The Herzo Survivor Reunion Group is open to any Army Security Agency Veteran who served at Herzo Base in ASA sometime during the period from 1947 through the mid-seventies.
You Get

Listing in our Directory (Currently showing 2300+ Herzo Base Vets)
Your name/address/phone/e-mail/DOB/time of service/spouse
"If you apply, you must include the above data in your e-mail." **
Membership Only to Herzo Base Veterans. "ASA & All Support Personnel."
**(data printed in Directory may be limited by you if you choose to do so)
E-mails advising of planned events (Reunions)
Illness or Death of members
Reunion Committee advisories
Complete information on each years Reunion
i.e. - location, dates, cost, activities, etc., sent by e-mail and for those without e-mail, by US Postal Service.

The National Reunion is held each September and each year in a different City, in 3 or 4 star Hotels.  Activities are planned & optional.  Each reunion is 3 days. (3 days - 2 Hotel nights) (Negotiated Room rate is normally available 3 days before & 3 nights after Reunion Dates.)

Directories are distributed free each year to those attending the National Reunion and are available to those who do not, at a fee of $10.00 including shipping.
(Available ONLY to Herzo Base ASA Veterans & Support Personnel.)
The directory is now available in 3 forms.
Printed Book - PDF version sent via e-mail - CD containing the directory in Microsoft Word & in PDF.
Printed Version Price on request including packaging & postage.
PDF Version (via e-mail) - Free to Members
CD Version $6.00 including packaging & postage.
Our newsletter (The Herzo Survivor) is available to members at an annual cost of $14  -  Ten issues per year.  (Darrell Parrish)
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