The primary goal of our Newsletter, Committee and this WebSite is the renewal of the many friendships established at Herzo Base during the late 1940s and through the 50s. 60s & 70s and continued contact between those friends.  The result has far surpassed our original goal.  Over 2500 Veterans of Herzo Base Duty during those years have been located.  Sadly, over 600 hundred are deceased.  17 National Reunions have been held, with great success, with the 18th as yet unscheduled .  The newsletter continues to be published and the Website has drawn over 60,000 hits since its inception. 

However, these pages are for every Veteran of Herzo Base, whether ASA or Support Personnel or others, such as our British friends who served there.  All that is necessary is to have served at Herzo Base during its' time as an Army Security Agency Base.  Information  about Herzo Base and Herzogenaurach can be found here.    On-going reports on the activities and success of our location committee and reunion status may be found here, along with photographs and Newsletter information. 

A former Luftwaffe' Base located at Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, which had been converted to use by the United States Army Security Agency around 1947, was the assigned base for our Herzo ASA Vets.    Herzo Base was also populated by a U.S. Air Force Detachment  & a British Signals Detachment.   For some History of the Herzogenaurach area - Click  "HERE"

Though a Top Security Base,  encircled by high wire fence with Barbed wire atop the fence and Guard Towers ringing the base on the fence line, the atmosphere of "Herzo Base" was relaxed and small townish, with only a few hundred personnel there at any given time.   Newcomers were quickly and easily assimilated into the daily routine and their jobs.  While Herzo was a Military Base, military protocol and procedures were  a relatively low priority with the Base Mission having the High Priority.  Relations between Base personnel and the residents of Herzogenaurach were very friendly.

In the Military, friends are easily made.  But  frequent transfers and reassignments caused many of those friendships to be of a fleeting nature.  Herzo seemed to be a different matter.  With assignments ranging from 1 yr to over 2 yrs, friendships grew.  The mission was a priority and the various teams worked well together.   Staffed with exceptional young American Soldiers, who took pride in their assignments, the Herzo Base personnel over the many years the base existed, did an excellent job in their part of the "Cold War."  As did their counterparts at the other ASA units around the Globe. And there were many units scattered around the world. 

Personnel at Herzo Base found plenty of time to travel in Germany and to a somewhat lesser degree, in Europe.  The ability to simply leave the base and travel to nearby cities such as Erlangen, Furth, Nuremburg as long as they were back by Midnight, allowed them to learn about and enjoy the customs and activities of those areas.  Many of us made friends within the German Communities, some of which have endured to this day. 

The over fifty years which have passed since our tours of duty at Herzo Base has not diminished the friendships established there.   This applies to ASA units thruout, as attested to by the many ASA WebSites on the internet.   Though over these many years, contact among many of us  diminished or was lost entirely, the fond memories remained.

A search for old friends by this writer, begun in 1996, located several of those friends.  A concerted effort begun by this writer and fellow Herzo Base Veteran, Charles Martin,  in mid 1997 has proven that such old friendships are easily renewed.  By the beginning of 1998, about 25 Herzo Veterans from 56/57/58 had been found and I started a small newsletter to those individuals as a means of updating every one on the lives of the others.   The locating of people like Chris Homeier, Jim Paulino, Joe Connelly, Bob Boehlert, Ed Geisler, Wayne Morrison, along with Charles Martin & myself, led to a major increase in the number of Herzo Vets located.   The newsletter ( The Herzo Survivor ) grew to 450 copies every month.  And resulted in the establishing of  the "Herzo Reunion Committee" which searches for and contacts Veterans of that time period, found  2500 and which also has planned and executed the lst annual Herzo Survivors Reunion, which took place in Sept. 1998.  Reunion 1999 took  place on Sept.17,18,19th, in Wilmington, Delaware at the Wilmington Hilton Hotel .  Both Reunions were a success with over 115 Veterans attending each, plus their spouses.  Attending  Reunion 1999 was not an easy thing to do, thanks to Hurricane Floyd.  

Reunion 2000 took place on Sept. 8,9 & 10th, at Covington, Kentucky and was a resounding success, with 146 members and their spouses attending. 

Reunion 2001 took place on Sept. 7, 8 & 9th.  Once again, at Covington, Ky., with a brand new and larger program of events & activities.   A survey from those attending indicated another successful reunion.  We had few problems and the program was entertaining with a variety of tours, the Oktober Fest and an outstanding Banquet.  As always, speeches were held to a minimum and after an excellent dinner, there was music, dancing and much conversation. 

Reunion 2002 was held in New Orleans, La, on September 15, 16, 17 (Sun-Mon-Tue), at the Doubletree Hotel on Canal Street.  As always, there were a few problems, but overall, the reunion was a success.  This was a one-time only location, due to it's extreme Southern location. 

Reunion 2003 took place in  Richmond Va., at the Omni In Richmond Hotel, on October 12, 13, 14.   Once more, we can report on it being successful.  The Hotel turned out to be one of, if not the best choice of accomodations to date and Richmond, rich in History proved to be a fascinating place to see.  If the committee made any mistakes in preparing this reunion, it was in our decision to have attendees arrange their own tours.  This worked out for many, but not for all.  As always, we learn from our errors.

Reunion 2004 took place on Sept. 17th, 18th & 19th, in Nashville, Tn, at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel.  Grand Ole Opry & General Jackson Luncheon Cruise were the primary attractions booked.  Once again the event was successful, with positive comments from the attendees.

Reunion 2005 took place in Pittsburgh, Pa and was a resounding success.  As always, accomodations and activities were first rate.

Reunion 2006 took place in St. Louis, Mo and was rated as excellent by those attending. 

Reunion 2007 (Tenth Anniversary of our reunions) was in Covington, Ky.  Excellent accomodations and activities; including a Luncheon Cruise that was nothing less than fantastic.

Reunion 2008 was held in Chattanooga, TN and may well have been the best one to date.

Reunion 2009 was held in Augusta, GA.  Comments from attendees were positive and indicated that all had a good time. 

Reunion 2010 preparations are underway for our gathering in  Dayton, Ohio.  Final decision on the site will be published as soon as the decision is made.

***Those of you reading this, who served in the Army Security Agency (and related support groups), who do not belong to a particular Herzo Base Group are encouraged to contact one of our Committee members for information on how to join us.  Also, make sure you visit the ASA sites provided on our Welcome Page, where you may well find a group from your time Window.

Reunion Committee Members and the means by which to contact them can be found on the "Reunion Committee Page".

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