About this Site  And it's goals
This Web-site was constructed and is maintained by the "Herzo Survivor Newsletter" in conjunction with the "Herzo Base Reunion Committee".
The primary goal of this group is to help those ASA Veterans who served at Herzo Base at Herzogenaurach, Germany from 1947 through to the mid-70's, re-establish friendships from those days.  It does this by:

1.  Publication of the newsletter "The Herzo Survivor".  Ten issues each year, since 1997.

2.  Maintaining this Web-site.

3.  Holding an Annual / National Reunion each September, since 1998.
a)  These reunions are held in a different city each year, in an effort to make them accessible to as many Herzo Base Veterans as possible.

4.  Encouraging smaller, regional gatherings and supporting them by means of the web-site and the newsletter as much as possible.
a)  Examples are:  C-trick reunions, which are held each year in a different location.  This event is led by Robert "Bob" Hamm and has been very successful over the past 8 years.
5.  Maintaining a directory of Herzo Base Vets who served there in the fifties & sixties.  This directory contains name - address - phone - e-mail - etc. and is available for mailing upon request from any Veteran who meets our time of service criteria.

6.  The Directory is now available in three forms.  A printed Version (by USPS only with a charge covering printing, packaging & mailing costs.) - A "CD" Version (Once again at a charge covering costs.) - A PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader File) Version (Sent by e-mail - no charge)

7.  The Directory is issued - one time only - to each new-found Herzo Base ASA Veteran.  It is also issued each year at the Annual National Reunion at no cost, but only to those attending.  All Members can request a current copy any time, in the version of their choice with the understanding they must pay any cost involved (as covered  in Paragraph 6 ).

This directory can be obtained by contacting -" Darrell Parrish".  Darrells e-mail  address can be found on our "Reunion committee page".

This Web-site has no goal other than renewal of friendships - helping members to keep in contact - providing those who wish to attend, with a venue for actually seeing one another, via the reunions. 

As can be seen on our Home Page, we do try to provide photographs of members while they were at Herzo Base, along with more current photos, such as at the reunions.  We offer some brief Histories of Herzo Base and the area and we make no claims as to their accuracy.
And we also provide some links to other ASA related Web-sites.

"Herzo Survivor Reunion Group"